Dallas will no longer prosecute 'petty crimes'

Is this the face of criminal justice "reform"? Dallas County district attorney John Creuzot is enacting sweeping changes to the way his office deals with crime.  It appears that Creuzot will be giving petty criminals a pass. Creuzot will "decriminalize" most petty crimes against property, reform the bail system, and refuse to prosecute first-time drug offenders. Dallas Morning News: But as we work toward improvements, we are apprehensive about Creuzot's plan to decriminalize low-level crimes.  It has the potential to send the wrong message about our tolerance for any crime in this county.  We worry about the new policy creating a system that tells petty criminals their bad acts are OK and that demands police officers look the other way. And we can't lose sight of the thousands of real victims of these crimes for which their experiences erode their feelings of safety — real or perceived — in their...(Read Full Post)
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