Buttigieg gains in polls at expense of Biden, Sanders

What is it that Democratic primary voters want in a candidate?  Since shortly after the 2016 election, when pollsters first began to take the temperature of Democratic voters, former vice president Joe Biden was the clear choice among Democrats. Biden is still the frontrunner, but some of the rest of the field has caught him.  A survey from Change Research, a left-leaning polling outlet, shows that Biden is the choice of 21% of Democrats, followed by Bernie Sanders at 20%.  Significantly, Biden has lost 15 points just since last month, and Sanders has lost 4 points. Where did many of those voters go?  They've hopped on the Pete Buttigieg bandwagon.  The South Bend mayor has gained 15 points in the last month. Is the poll an outlier?  Maybe. The Hill: Still, the Change Research poll finds Buttigieg polling much higher than other surveys.  He is at 9 percent in an Emerson College survey and 7...(Read Full Post)
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