AZ professors rally to cause of student demonstrators who disrupted CPB event on campus

More than 70 professors at the University of Arizona have penned a letter to campus police asking them to drop charges against two students who disrupted an event by the Customs and Border Protection agency. CPB agents were speaking to the Criminal Justice Association student group on March 19, when the two students stood outside the room where the event was being held and screamed "Murder Patrol" and "an extension of the KKK," according to a video of the incident reviewed by the local news outlet. The university president said the incident "was a dramatic departure from our expectations of respectful behavior and support for free speech on this campus."  Police then charged the two with a misdemeanor. But the professors who are supporting the students see things a little differently. The Hill: "We ask that you, in your role as President, end the investigations and harassment of the students by demanding that...(Read Full Post)
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