Trump trade war victories follow Mueller 'nothingburger'

President Trump is notching a series of trade war victories following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “nothingburger” vindication of our “Make America Great Again” change agent. With the two-year investigation by the full apparatus and resources of the U.S. ‘Administrative State’ unable to find Donald Trump and his team guilty of illegitimately stealing the election from Hillary Clinton, the globalist community must accommodate President Trump as “Vox Populi,” the Latin term for "the voice of the people."  The globalist corporate and political community did not pay much attention to candidate Donald Trump, until he swept the April 26,  2016 Northeastern Super Tuesday primaries by winning 108 of the 116 pledged delegates from Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania.  First snickering about how pathetic it was that a reality show huckster might win the...(Read Full Post)
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