Stuck on stupid: Dems doubled down Sunday on failed conspiracy theory of Trump ‘collusion’ with Russia

Yesterday, on the Sunday morning political interview TV talk shows, Democrats made it clear that they have learned nothing from the apparent failure of the Mueller witch hunt to find anything actionable, nor from the disastrous Republican attempt to impeach Bill Clinton more than 2 decades ago. In the words of Talleyrand, they have “learned nothing and forgotten nothing.” The self-contradictory testimony of Michael Cohen apparently was irresistible bait. They are, in some other immortal words from General Russell Honoré, “stuck on stupid.” Former Clinton political operative George Stephanopoulos peepared his viewers on ABC’s This Week: For now, party lines holding fast, but six House committees armed with subpoena power are now poised to examine every facet of President Trump’s life — his campaign, his White House, his foundation and the business that made him famous.” Despite his own star witness Michael Cohen...(Read Full Post)
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