Sanctuary city policies make your neighborhood into a hunting ground

The murder of Bambi Larson didn't have to happen. Liberals don't seem to understand this.  While every murder is a tragedy, including abortions and black-on-black homicides, we don't have legal grounds for kicking citizens out of the country for committing any crime.  We can send them to jail, but we can't demand that some other country take them off our hands.  They are our citizens.  Our country is responsible for handling them. Illegal aliens are a different case.  They aren't our nation's responsibility, except insofar as we have laws that apply to them.  Our nation, in fact, has such laws, and sanctuary cities and states ignore those laws, rendering them ineffective.  Democrats and other open borders advocates want to admit anyone who wants in.  If Hitler and all the other evil legends were still alive and coming from Latin America, it would be fine with the idiots who expect them to vote Democrat or, better...(Read Full Post)
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