Remembering Climategate

Climategate refers to the leakage of emails among what may be termed alarmist conspirators, mostly Anglos in the U.K. and the USA.  They contrived and managed to suppress the circulation of any papers or data expressing opinions, contrary to the theme that CO2 is the "villain" that causes climate disasters. They formed a network, traced by highly regarded GMU statistics professor Edward Wegman, that "peer-reviewed" each other's papers and tried to prevent publication of contrary views by pressuring independent editors and by raising objections whenever possible. Profs. David Douglass and John Christy relate their personal experience in an essay, published by American Thinker on December 20, 2009, with the title "A Climatology Conspiracy?" Needless to say, the conspirators got off scot-free; in fact, they received many honors and plaudits from the general scientific community, whose members were unaware of the real...(Read Full Post)
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