Race to the electoral bottom

The Electoral College has increasingly come to be regarded as a quaint 18th-century affectation, along the lines of snuff boxes.  Colorado is poised to become the 13th signatory to the National Popular Vote initiative, adding to the eleven states plus the District of Colombia that have already signed on to this interstate compact, whereby the electoral votes from these states would be cast in favor of whichever presidential candidate wins the popular vote.  This bill would take effect when enough states sign on to add up to at least 270 electoral votes.  The addition of Colorado's electors will bring that total to 181, or about two thirds there.  We may be a few short years away from fundamentally transforming how we elect our presidents. Although John Adams may have been the first to use the phrase "tyranny of the majority" in 1788, he was by no means alone among the founders in fearing the tyranny of "majority...(Read Full Post)
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