Perfect: A robot to fill Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's job in Congress

By now, you'll have read that Sandy O thinks people whose jobs are taken over by robots should be excited to be unemployed and have more time for creating art or whatever.  I would like her to have the same opportunities as the rest of the workforce, so I propose "Sophia for Congress!" Sophia is a robot built by Hanson Robotics.  Like Sandy O, it appeared at the SXSW conference, but in 2016.  It is able to display more than fifty facial expressions, which seems like more than the congresswoman has in her human repertoire, but perhaps she is on camera only when she's complaining about something.  (She seems too young to be doing Botox, which can make facial muscles less responsive.) If you know of Sophia, you may be aware that she is a citizen of Saudi Arabia.  One might snarkily say this proves that Saudi Arabia isn't interested in a woman's intelligence, not even the artificial kind.  But...(Read Full Post)
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