MSNBC/CNN/Democrats still claiming collusion happened

MSNBC/CNN/Democrats now claiming that a lack of evidence of collusion doesn't mean that collusion didn't happen. The meme being pushed on MSNBC, CNN, and by the Democrats is that Mueller's assertion that there is no evidence of collusion between Trump, the Trump campaign, and Russia doesn't mean that collusion didn't happen. It just means that Mueller couldn't find any evidence after 2800 subpoenas and interviewing 500 witnesses. This meme is being used to justify the Democrats expansive investigation into the collusion issue with 81 requests for information on the subject and threats of subpoenas if the information is not provided. The MSM and the Democrats just can't quite seem to get over Hillary's loss in 2016 and they will try to overthrow Trump in any manner possible using any rationale they can devise. When asked what evidence was used to begin the investigation into collusion when Mueller could find none, the talking heads and...(Read Full Post)
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