Honduran caravan migrant who called Mexican beans 'pig food' arrested on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon rap in Dallas

Offering unvetted immigration into the U.S., the massive migant caravans inundating our southern border now are natural magnets for criminals. Exhibit A is that of "Lady Frijoles," the ungrateful Honduran migrant going by the names Miriam Celaya, Mirian Zelaya Gomez, and a few other variants, who last November famously screwed up her nose at the beans and tortillas Mexicans provided to caravan migrants free of charge in Tijuana as they awaited entry into the U.S. The caravan migrant, billed as one of the pitiful moms and kids of Democrat "narrative" told a DW video journalist the free offering was "food for pigs." She got a lot of flak from Mexicans for that one, and then leveraged it successfully to slip into the U.S. illegally to make an asylum claim ahead of the other caravan migrants, claiming Mexican persecution. Zelaya then turned up in Dallas, proudly Instagrammed by family at...(Read Full Post)
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