FNC’s Scandalous series returns tonight with a review of the William Kennedy Smith rape trial

The best documentary series on cable news, Fox News Channel’s Scandalous, is returning for what the Fox News channel is calling the occasional program’s third season. Tonight at 8 and 11 PM ET, and for the next two Sundays, Scandalous: The Trial of William Kennedy Smith will revisit the 1991 rape trial of Smith, the nephew of President John Kennedy and his two brothers, Senators Robert and Ted Kennedy. Like the first two seasons of Scandalous, which shed considerable new light on the scandals of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Sen. Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick, the probe of the celebrated trial of Smith, then a 30-year old medical student, promises to be very interesting. On March 29, 1991, Smith was accused of raping 29-year-old Patricia Bowman at the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach, Florida, after the two met at a trendy bar. Smith had been in the company of his uncle Ted at the bar that evening. The ten-day trial of Smith that ensued in December 1991 –...(Read Full Post)
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