California's 'green energy' central planners get their hands slapped by San Bernardino County

Deserts are always favorite dumping grounds for leftists in their pricey "green" schemes, as any resident of Palm Springs, Calif. — fighting headaches under the constant whirring humming sound of wind turbines can tell you — but nowhere was the urge greater to dump on the desert bigger than against the large, sparsely populated San Bernardino County, where state planners decided that a million acres in that county, to be devoted to glassy solar panel farms, would be great for California fulfilling its "green" energy goals. Much to their surprise, the County, by a 4-1 vote, said no.  According to National Wind Watch: California's largest county has banned the construction of large solar and wind farms on more than 1 million acres of private land, bending to the will of residents who say they don't want renewable energy projects industrializing their rural desert communities northeast of Los...(Read Full Post)
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