And the lights all went out in Caracas

Over the last few days, my Venezuelan friends in the Dallas area have been talking about the "blackout" in Caracas.  The Maduro regime is blaming it on the U.S., a totally predictable reaction that will remind Cubans of Castro in the 1960s. This is from news reports: Venezuelans woke up to a fourth day of an unprecedented nationwide blackout on Sunday, leaving residents concerned about the impacts of the lack of electricity on the South American country's health, communications and transport systems. Socialist President Nicolas Maduro — who is facing a challenge to his rule by the leader of the opposition-led congress, Juan Guaido — has blamed the blackout on an act of "sabotage" by the United States at the Guri hydroelectric dam, but experts say it is the outcome of years of underinvestment. "The national electrical system has been subject to multiple cyberattacks," Maduro wrote on Twitter on...(Read Full Post)
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