A couple of other border crises

As I recall, President Nixon wrote a book called Six Crises.  As I see it, we may have that many crises on the U.S.-Mexico border. Let me mention two that no one talks about: cost and rule of law. The cost is a huge factor, as I saw in this 2018 CNBC report: According to ICE's FY 2018 budget, on average it costs $133.99 a day to maintain one adult detention bed.  But immigration groups have pegged the number closer to $200 a day. The cost to maintain a family bed, which keeps mothers and children together in a family residential center, costs [sic] around $319 a day, according to DHS. But as of April, children have been separated from their parents with much higher frequency, which has led to the creation of "tent cities" to hold thousands of separated children.  Those beds cost $775 per person per night, HHS told NBC News. That's "mucho dinero," to say the least.  My guess is that...(Read Full Post)
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