Trump should take the money ($1.38 billion) and run โ€” adding it to the other pools of money Mick Mulvaney has uncovered

Yes, the compromise $1.38 million for 55 miles of border wall construction offered by the House and Senate conference committee is an insult to anyone who cares about border security.  Nonetheless, President Trump should take it, let Chuck and Nancy crow and Ann Coulter rail, and then get moving on adding the many other sources of funds available to him to construct hundreds more miles of border barrier at the highest-priority locations identified by the Border Patrol. Photo credit: Pixnio. Another partial shutdown of the federal government would do nothing to prod the Democrats into offering more money.  They think they have won and will not budge. Mick Mulvaney, perhaps the smartest person in Washington, D.C., the man who personally foiled Elizabeth Warren's CFPB with adept bureaucratic maneuvers and has moved on to be the budget director while still heading CFPB, has identified more than enough...(Read Full Post)
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