Rich politicians who take going green seriously do these things

One thing positive I'll say for Cory Booker: He has the courage of his vegan convictions.  Being vegan probably gets him some "green" points, too, and he has done it without government forcing him to make this choice.  It got me thinking what other aspects of "going green" might be doable without government intervention. For example, there's no law saying you have to eat meat (or preventing you), so you can choose to be vegan like Sen. Booker.  Or you can choose to go him one better and eat raw food only.  You'll save a lot of energy by not cooking!  And you can shop every day or so and turn off your refrigerator and freezer.  Raw vegetables don't need cooking and shouldn't need to be kept cool if eaten within a day. Now, a raw food diet doesn't require that you be vegan, as you can eat raw fish.  Sushi may contain cooked ingredients, so stick to...(Read Full Post)
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