Gov. Northam's 'pay to stay' deal with black leaders

That blackface/KKK photo on Governor Northam's yearbook page won't be a problem for Virginia's black leaders as long as he meets their demands.  The audacious "I am not going anywhere" Northam is wheeling and dealing with the race-baiters here in Virginia to save the Democratic Party and his own "white privileged" skin.  Forget post-birth abortions.  The only way the little ones will have a chance in Virginia with the Democrats in charge is if they are allowed to vote. With alleged rapist Lt..Gov Fairfax out of the running, the NAACP, black clergy, and various black legislators in Virginia are stuck with Northam, and they are calling the shots. After demanding Northam's resignation a few short days ago, the chairman of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus changed his mind and now says he's willing to sit down with the governor and discuss "issues important to black lawmakers." On Monday, black...(Read Full Post)
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