From bimbo eruptions to yearbook photos

In a short time, we've gone from keeping track of the candidate's personal adventures – e.g., bimbo eruptions – to remembering yearbook photos.  What's next? Frankly, I have no sympathy for Governor Northam.  I understand that this is a 1984 photo, and we all did something stupid 35 years ago. My problems with him are twofold: 1. His comments on late-term abortions were so bizarre that it makes you wonder how this guy went into politics.  His description of keeping an infant comfortable until someone decides his fate may go down as one of the biggest "foot in mouth" statements in history.  What was the man thinking? 2. Back in the 2017 election, the Northam campaign ran some TV ads that suggested that Mr. Gillispie, his GOP opponent, was a racist.  It also made clear that Virginians who supported Mr. Gillespie were full of hatred for racial minorities.  I understand...(Read Full Post)
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