Doomed by reality

I sigh when I read of the policy endorsements of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . I find her hard to listen to, with her tweenage speech patterns (e.g., "tippy top"), no matter what she says, but I try to listen.  After all, sometimes wise ideas can come from babes and fools.  Stopped clocks and all that.  She seems anxious that the reality of climate change is going to kill many of us, so we have to do something right now! She obviously has no appreciation for actual reality, as opposed to politically useful fiction.  The reality is that even if the climate changes so that the upper Midwest of the United States develops a climate like that currently experienced in Hawaii, people would still find a way to live there.  Life is tenacious.  We might be eating different varieties of vegetables that were more heat-tolerant, but we'd still have food, lots of it.  What about places farther...(Read Full Post)
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