Can America Swallow Socialism?

When is it just "socialism", and when is it "democratic socialism"? According to this site, which was the first one found by Google, the "democratic socialism" brand advocates a government based on "democratic processes" (e.g. not necessarily authoritarian, nor even a republic as the United States is currently constituted), and is willing to stop short of government (or, if you prefer, society) owning and controlling all the means of production. The following quote comes from the referenced site: "Democratic Socialism is the blend of socialist and democratic principles to construct a suitable political [sic] and an economy which favors equality in both aspects." The DemZis commit to equality, not prosperity, and their references to Norway and Sweden don't consider the effect of the culture in those white European societies with their strong work ethic: "That the Nordic countries are so successful is due to an...(Read Full Post)
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