People who want to put kids in a wood chipper should maybe be on the no-fly list

America can be proud that in a moment of an ugly attack against children, a prosecutor has entered the engagement to bring accountability and justice to some stupid and hateful people. Rob Sanders, a Kenton County Prosecutor, confirmed Tuesday that there are multiple investigations into Twitter users who made terroristic threats against Covington Catholic High School. "We've got multiple ongoing investigations into numerous, numerous threats," Mr. Sanders said Tuesday in a podcast interview with 700 WLW.  "There's probably a dozen law enforcement agencies, if not more involved in this – it's growing, it's spreading, there are other jurisdictions now involved in this," Sanders added. Everyone in America has First Amendment rights to say just about anything.  But there is a law enforcement line that is legally crossed when a person is making physical threats.  As Rob Sanders points out, it...(Read Full Post)
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