Mitt Romney is discovering that his WaPo op-ed attack on Trump wasn't such a good idea, after all

Mitt Romney knows he is a smart guy and is used to thinking of himself as the smartest guy in the room.  But I don't think he thought through the now infamous Washington Post op-ed attacking President Trump's character that he published on New Year's Day, just a few days prior to assuming his new job as U.S. senator from Utah.  Virtue-signaling feels great, like a sugar high, but the aftermath often brings predictable consequences that somehow escaped the notice of the person anxious to demonstrate righteousness. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore. Mitt failed to understand that he is joining what is often called "the world's most exclusive club."  The Senate, with only 100 members and immense powers, is not at all like the raucous House of Representatives.  And though Senators face re-election only after six long years, they are very, very concerned with their ability to keep their...(Read Full Post)
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