Green Power in the Fourteenth Congressional District of New York

The newly elected representative for the Fourteenth Congressional District of New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is pushing a "Green New Deal" plan on Twitter.  Vox has a detailed description of the plan.  Simply put, it features three main goals: decarbonize the economy, provide a federal jobs guarantee with large-scale public investments and a just transition with protections for those hardest hit by historical discrimination.  She has also suggested a 70% income tax rate for the "tippy top" earners (above $10 million) to pay for it. Her electric power plan calls for a transition to 100% renewables by 2030.  That is much more ambitious than Governor Andrew Cuomo's own newly announced Green New Deal plan to make New York's power 100% carbon neutral by 2040. Since the recent "otherworldly" blue flash over Astoria, Queens, dubbed Astoria Borealis on social media, we must consider the technology in use...(Read Full Post)
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