Ecuador begins shutting the door to Venezuelan migrants after a murder

Ecuador is drawing flak for shutting its doors on fleeing Venezuelan refugees and migrants. According to Reuters: QUITO (Reuters) – Ecuador is setting up new units to check Venezuelan immigrants' legal status and may tighten entry requirements after a Venezuelan man murdered his pregnant Ecuadorian girlfriend, President Lenin Moreno said on Sunday. The killing in the northern city of Ibarra is the first reported murder perpetrated by a Venezuelan immigrant in Ecuador since hundreds of thousands have arrived there after fleeing an economic crisis in Venezuela. "I have ordered the immediate setting up of units to control Venezuelan immigrants' legal status in the streets, in the workplace, and at the border," Moreno said on Twitter. The Venezuelan reaction, even from non-communist, anti-dictatorship Venezuelans, was critical: Realmente imperdonable — Diego E. Arria (@Diego_Arria) January 21,...(Read Full Post)
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