Democrats take aim at Starbucks to 'school' Howie Schultz

Poor Howie Schultz.  All he wanted was to do good in the world in that liberal way of his, and now he and even the company he founded are facing destruction. Not by Trump, who's dismissed him as without "guts" with a tweet, but by the far-left Democratic Party machine and its media minions, who see the mild-mannered former Starbucks CEO as the mother of all threats.  It's pretty obvious that's what's going on, a huge plan of personal and professional destruction just one day out the gate of Schultz's 60 Minutes interview, where he said he was merely considering running for president in 2020. The Democrats' motive is fear – Schultz is a liberal but not the kind of rigid, lockstep, groupthink far leftist seen in their stable of candidates, and worse still, he's likeable and charming, even to Republicans, so he must be irresistible to a lot of the Democrats...(Read Full Post)
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