Conservative critics of Fox News need to get a grip

To those who comment consistently and negatively about the Fox News channel whenever it is mentioned in print, may I ask, What planet are you on? I began covering the cable news wars, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and other topics for American Thinker and other publications 20 months ago.  That was barely four months into President Trump's first term.  Already at that point, most of the mainstream media, of which Fox News is an outlying part, was ratcheting up its negative coverage of the new president.  Two years later now, that coverage has become pretty much intolerable, with CNN and MSNBC in particular almost totally unwatchable due to their constant negative bias against everything Trump. While its 24-7 programming schedule is not above criticism, Fox News has emerged as the sole exception in all of MSM broadcast and cable news.  Its signature nightly news program, Special Report, anchored M-F by Bret Baier, which recently added...(Read Full Post)
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