Congressional Democrats are wobbling most on the wall

To read the press, you'd think Republicans are the only ones feeling the heat from the government shutdown over President Trump's insistence on constructing a border wall based on his argument that it's a national crisis. This Bloomberg story is one example of it, pointing to a general Republican unity in the showdown, but making its story all about GOP 'cracks emerging.' Most GOP lawmakers remained firmly behind President Donald Trump’s fight to fund a border wall but that solidarity was beginning to crack among Republicans from competitive states and districts as the impact of the government shutdown spread. The Bloomberg report is not utterly bad - there apparently are some House Republicans in swing districts who are showing signs of wavering, but for starters, Bloomberg was only able to name two of them from the House - Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania. The latter represents...(Read Full Post)
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