A fraudy election in Venezuela brings out the zoo at Maduro's inauguration

Following a full repudiation of the election, the inauguration, and the seating of dictator Nicolás Maduro by the Organization of American States (OAS), let's just say respectable countries didn't bother to make an appearance at Maduro's inaugural. The sorry little affair was covered in the press – Stamford Advocate has a good string of stories on it here – showing that only hellhole countries such as Cuba, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, all of which are pretty much run by leftist wannabe dictators of the same stripe as Maduro and Castro, showed up.  Nice to see them standing up and being counted. To show up for something as globally rejected as this – seriously, showing up to support the Maduro regime that is killing Venezuela, while all the world stands and points in disgust – says a lot about the intentions of these dead-end regimes. Maduro in 2015.  Image by Hugoshi, CC BY-SA...(Read Full Post)
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