They Shall Not Grow Old a box office blowout โ€“ for good reason

Was there ever a more consequential war than World War I?  As a result of the bickering petty politics of Europe's inbred monarchs, we got communism and the Soviet empire from it, for one.  We got 37 million deaths, millions and millions of bright people, a death toll so high that it skewed the demographics of nations such as France.  We got grotesque forms of warfare – trench warfare, chemical warfare, and Howitzers, shell shock, tanks, and huge civilian death tolls.  We also got the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian empire – Europe's first truly internationalist empire of tolerance and melting pots – to be replaced by the crummy and oppressive European Union.  We got the creation of the morally relativistic cultural Eurotrashiness of Europe in that war's wake, too – dada art, stupid other kinds of modern art, and a Europe that refuses to fight or...(Read Full Post)
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