Mr. Chief Justice: What are you doing about the fraud on the FISA Court you supervise?

A Politico article by an experienced attorney, Nelson Cunningham, raises an interesting legal question: We're about to find out why the chief justice of the Supreme Court decided to get involved in the special counsel's investigation[.] ... So now, in abrupt fashion, Mueller's investigation has suddenly reached the Supreme Court, and with the personal attention of the chief justice, no less. Official portrait. Nelson Cunningham had served on the White House staff and has by now probably seen everything the DOJ, the White House, and Congress can do to each other, especially in the hothouse atmosphere of impeachment proceedings.  I served on the professional staff of the House Committee on Rules and as the staff action officer for the impeachment inquiry of President Clinton.  I knew Cunningham's office of General Counsel well. Invoking a connection between Chief Justice Roberts and Special Counsel Mueller is interesting,...(Read Full Post)
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