Is Beto now a 'beta'? New York Times has decided that Kamala Harris shall be the Dem nominee

Well, the contest is over, folks.  The New York Times has made its selection for president for 2020, and all those Democrats out there can pack it up.  Sorry, Beto.  Too bad, Joe.  Bye-bye, Bernie. The winner is...Kamala Harris! That's how goofy things have become, what with the paper of record tipping its choice even before any of the debates is out or any of the Democratic candidates (you know it's going to be a Democrat they endorse) has made his case to voters.  The buildup is on. Blogger Ann Althouse (hat tip: Instapundit) has gotten a load of the Times' latest Kamala-love headline (which I noticed, too, so I bet it's plenty of people who've noticed), showing Harris as the first person in the Times' lineup of names of Democrats running for president, in some fluff piece on how, well, they're running.  Althouse spotted another...(Read Full Post)
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