Finally! Tijuana's mayor wants caravan organizers busted

The mayor of Tijuana, who's been saddled with $26,000 a day in costs to house and feed the caravan migrants, getting nothing but crime, insults, bills, pestilence, and garbage in return, is finally on to something: holding the cynical leftist caravan organizers of this humanitarian disaster accountable. He wants the caravan's organizers, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, arrested. According to RT News, citing a Fox News video: Leaders of Central American caravans should face criminal charges and be held accountable for the damage caused to Tijuana as thousands of migrants continue to plague the city, waiting to learn their fate on the US-Mexico border. Members of Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Nation Without Borders), an immigration rights group known for organizing several migrant caravans in Mexico and Central America, as well as other unidentified organizers, should be prosecuted, Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum told Fox News. "This person who says he is from...(Read Full Post)
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