Desperately seeking perfection

If the USA is a terrible, horrible place, what country do the (Millennial and elitist) critics think we should try to be like? Have the critics spent a year in whatever country that is?  It seems reasonable that they should, to be sure they know what that country looks like instead of relying on second- and thirdhand reports.  After all, changing the nature of our nation is not going to be cheap or easy.  Even "climate chaos"-mongers do a little (ultimately flawed) research.  Let's be scientific and be sure to gather evidence before we commit to such an all-encompassing endeavor. It sounds promising when critics say we should give free medical care and education to everyone, and maybe in some ideal world, that would happen.  Where is it happening right now?  Nowhere.  If we think about it in terms of "free diversity advice," how many people with diversity-related degrees are willing to...(Read Full Post)
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