Venture capital for the rest of us

When you’re big, there’s always somebody ready to lend you money. Just ask WeWork. In recent weeks, venture capital fund SoftBank has invested billions (with a b) in WeWork, which provides office space. CNN reports that the real-estate company is now “valued at $42 billion following the investment, according to a spokesperson for the company. It was valued at $20 billion when SoftBank invested $4.4 billion last year.” Now, keep in mind that venture capitalists aren’t like John D. Rockefeller walking around handing out dimes. They aren’t simply passing out bushels of cash. The money they give out gives them stock in the companies they invest in and, usually, a seat on the company’s board. If you have a million-dollar idea, such as “Uber for whatever,” venture capital can make it happen. It can make you rich, and make the investors richer. Big ideas get big funding. But in the real world, small businesses...(Read Full Post)
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