Now Mexicans are screaming 'migrants go home'

My guess is that the people behind the caravan didn't plan for things to work out this way.  As that Bee Gees' song goes: "Oh, if I'd only seen that the joke was on me." The caravan planners have a few problems. First, they were not expecting President Trump to take a firm stand and then enforce it. Second, they didn't see those anti-caravan marches in Tijuana happening. Most importantly, third, they didn't realize the terrible situation that all of this would put President-Elect Andrés López-Obrador in. This is from the New York Times and right on target: After more than 15 years of campaigning as a leftist firebrand, Mr. López Obrador must swiftly decide: Will he stand up to Mr. Trump and defend the migrants' pleas to be allowed into the United States, even if many of their asylum requests will ultimately be rejected?  Or will he acquiesce to Mr. Trump's demands and the...(Read Full Post)
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