Michelle Obama's big-dollar ego ambitions exposed

Greed, thy name is Michelle Obama. So goes an excellent expose of the whole fake tour of the former first lady being fed to us in the press, from New York Post columnist Maureen Callahan. She starts with the price, writing: On Tuesday night, the former first lady kicked off her 10-city North American book tour, which more closely resembled a cult-of-personality-propaganda-rally, at the United Center in Chicago. (Dates have been added in London, where scalped tickets are going for over $90,000 each, and Paris.) A sliver of the 20,000 seats available for the Chicago event were priced at $29.50, and those sold out within five minutes of going on sale in September. What remained were tickets ranging from $500 to $3,000. The cheapest ticket I could find, five days after the on- sale date, was for $920.81, and that came with no extras: No meet-and-greet, no signed book, no free book, no T-shirt or tote bag or even a food court coupon. Just the privilege of sitting on an...(Read Full Post)
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