Make Democrats swallow bitter red pills

Now that the smoke has cleared and we view the carnage, it's important to note that the last laugh should be on the Democrats. Republicans have until January 2nd, 2019 to make that a reality. With a little under two months left before the new Democrat majority in the House is sworn in, Republicans can push through every single element of President Trump's agenda. Fund the wall. Check. Increase the tax cuts to the middle class. Check. Make all the tax cuts permanent. Check. Ratify the new USMCA agreement. Check. Abolish birthright citizenship. Check. Finalize a limited DACA. Check. Did I leave anything out? While the Republicans still hold a majority in both houses, it's time to use that power. Push all the legislation through. And the real beauty of it all? There isn't a thing the Democrats can do about it. Once all the bills are passed and signed into law, it wouldn't matter if the Democrats held a 200-seat advantage in the House. The...(Read Full Post)
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