Have you tried to connect with someone in Venezuela lately?

Over the last year, I've met several Venezuelans who are living in the Dallas area.  All of them are under some asylum timeline and waiting for a judge to confirm or deny their case.  They are generally well educated and connected to the anti-Chávez opposition.  They fear for their lives or personal safety, and I understand that.  Last, but not least, they obeyed the law. They also complain about internet connections to Venezuela.  They will often go days without making contact with their families. Today, I saw this post by Sabrina Martin about internet connectivity: Venezuela, one of the countries with the least amount of freedom in the world, now enjoys yet another dubious distinction: it is among the three nations with the worst internet connection in the entire world. According to the Speedtest Global Index, the country, governed by Nicolás Maduro, was ranked 128th out of 130 countries,...(Read Full Post)
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