Biggest loser at midterms? Barack Obama

The midterms weren't a blue wave, but they weren't shark fin soup for Republicans either, given that they lost the House by a small margin. That said, the big loser who stands out here is hard-campaigning President Obama, the guy who thought he was the star of the Democratic Party and who, throwing the tradition of former presidents staying aloof from politics out the window, campaigned hard, long, and loud, for Democrats in this midterm. Turns out the ones he fought the hardest for lost. Now he stands exposed as politically irrelevant, powerless, an embarrassment. Sorry 'bout that legacy thing, Barry-O. First, he did some easy ones and those candidates marched right through, Obama or no Obama: Tim Kaine of Virginia and Joe Manchin of West Virginia for the Senate, Jennifer Wexton of Virginia for the House. J.B. Pritzker for the Illinois governorship. A couple of minor leaguers for the House in Illinois as tag-alongs.  Kaine and Pritzker, given their...(Read Full Post)
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