Left wets its pants at prospect of Bolsonaro yanking Brazil from Paris climate accord

As Brazil prepares to elect Jair Bolsonaro, the Donald Trump-like contender for president currently the frontrunner in polls by a wide margin, the left is responding approximately the same way the left responded over here: They're screaming bloody murder, chasing people from restaurants, rioting, and trying legal maneuvers to nullify the election that they know won't be going their way. Funniest of all is the foreign left, however, which is gradually realizing that 'Tropical Trump' has every intention of pulling out of the Paris climate accord ... and destroying the planet. Because ... rainforest. We all know about the left's rainforest romance, what with Sting and the Amazon's painted natives. Seriously. One of them sounded the screech alarm at the Washington Post, in a column headlined 'How Brazil's Bolsonaro threatens the entire planet.' Ishaan Thraroor wrote: But while experts and pundits wring their hands over another blow...(Read Full Post)
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