Divided we stand?

There are many articles on how politically polarized our country is and much speculation over why it is happening.  Liberals and conservatives are "not that into you" with regard to each other.  I suppose we could try to focus on what we have in common, but that seems to decrease every day.  You cannot build a successful society on bilateral symmetry alone. We allow ourselves to be separated by every point of difference.  The worst, in my opinion, is with regard to language: Some blacks push for restricting access by whites to legitimate English words.  When I was a child, before "black" became the way to reference skin color when relevant, the polite term was "negro."  I tried to be a polite child.  I don't recall ever using the cruder N-word, even in reference to Brazil nuts.  These same activists likely would protest vehemently if whites said blacks could no...(Read Full Post)
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