Bolsonaro: The Brazilians go all in for winning

They did it.  Brazil went and pulled the trigger: its voters elected conservative Jair Messias Bolsonaro, colloquially known as Tropical Trump for his open admiration of President Trump and his comparable agenda. The margin was huge: 55-44 over his socialist rival. The press, of course, is aghast.  These journalists are all using headlines with terms like "far-right" and "fascist" to describe him, something they never did when real fascists and far leftists, such as Hugo Chávez, got elected.  Yes, Bolsonaro talks out of turn – you can see a collection of politically correct and sometimes just bad things he's said, all of which has driven the left to clutch its pearls, with all the craziest stuff said two decades ago.  Meanwhile, the Brazilian Deep State and the rabid left are planning protests and riots.  They aren't going to take this any better than U.S. Democrats...(Read Full Post)
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