A healing process for liberals

Clinical projection occurs when internal desires, impetuses, fears, and beliefs are not accepted by the self and therefore ascribed to others.  It generally occurs immediately after any liberal finishes a hearty breakfast provided by an American farmer who probably clings to his guns and religion.  See how fast that happened?  Hunger sated, Lynn Stuart Parramore at NBC News decided that veiled threats are tactically superior to reasoned political persuasion.  In "After the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation battle, should American men be afraid?," she casually mentions that "[t]he unease of guys is understandable – especially white guys." I, for one, am certainly anxious when nutjobs like Parramore assure me that fear should be race-exclusive and explicable.  It should be fathomable to whom, the fearer or the fearee?  She reads like Jack Nicholson playing the Joker in Batman: hey, white guy, did you...(Read Full Post)
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