We must believe survivors...right?

Recently, after reading about Christine Blasey Ford's alleged sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh, I have recovered some memories of my own.  I had to do it without the help of Democrat activist lawyers, but that makes the memories no less valid. At some point in the past fifty years, I was rape-groomed and sexually assaulted by all of the currently elected Democratic senators.  Yes, all of them, including the women.  I can't remember exactly where or when.  I didn't tell anyone because I feared retaliation.  But you have to believe survivors, and I self-identify as a survivor, so quid est demonstrandum. It didn't all happen on one night.  That would be unbelievable.  But it repeated at every party, with different Democratic future senators.  I'm told there were lines outside the bedroom door, though I don't actually recall a bedroom, much less a door.  I was...(Read Full Post)
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