The press is obsessed with 'people of color'

I was excited to read the front-page headline on the Tuesday USA Today paper titled "Candidates of Color" because I knew it would be all-inclusive. Here is what USA Today wrote about the Florida gubernatorial race: With Democrat Andrew Gillum's surprise victory in Tuesday's gubernatorial primary in Florida, nine candidates of color are closer to the occupying the top positions in state government.  Candidates of color?  To the press stenographers of the left, colors seem to include everything but the crayon box shade known as "white." I can't recall in my 65 years ever using the term "people of color" or "candidates of color," but in deference to these Democrats, I will use that term for this piece. When I walk through my office, or a store, or down the street, after reading all they write, now when I see someone who is not white, I will think: there are some "people of color" that...(Read Full Post)
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