So Trump was right all along about putting that military option on the table for Venezuela...

About a year ago, when President Trump raised the prospect of invading hellhole Venezuela because it's driving millions of refugees out, the globalist elites clutched their pearls. Here's what Miami Herald's Andres Oppenheimer was writing, consulting the suited elites: If you talk with Latin American presidents and top diplomats — as I did in recent days — you will conclude that President Donald Trump’s recent remark that he may consider a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela was a moment of monumental stupidity that is already hurting the cause of freedom in that country. Trump’s reckless comment has already given Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro a magnificent propaganda victory. It has allowed Maduro to turn the conversation in Latin America away from Venezuela’s fall into a full-blown dictatorship, and toward the possibility of a U.S. military intervention. Today, the talk has gotten just a bit different. Get a...(Read Full Post)
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