SecreTrumpiat and the Midterm Stakes

The first leg of SecreTrumpiat's Triple Crown, the Republican Nomination Derby, was a crowded field with sixteen experienced rivals, where tight running lanes, quick decisions, pacing, and final sprint strategy spelled the difference between victory and defeat.  Adroitly passing each competitor one by one, SecreTrumpiat strategically positioned himself for the winning sprint at the final turn, taking the Republican crown, leaving lesser horses in the dust as he blew past the finish line in spectacular fashion, delighting his legion of everyday fans, though astonishing smug critics mired in embarrassed denial. The Presidential Preakness was a tougher go, with a few missteps leaving him off the lead, with a more daunting distance to recoup.  But he hit the afterburners and flew past the smaller yet powerful field of Crooked Hillary, a hostile media, the entertainment industry, internet-providers, academia, and NeverTrump Turncoats, all hell-bent on his defeat,...(Read Full Post)
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