Lady Liberty: Nikki Haley thrills Venezuela's battered democrats in the streets of New York

Jumping down into the streets of New York with the crowds of protesters, U.S. United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley seized the moment with a megaphone, calling for democracy in Venezuela, just as Russia's Boris Yeltsin once did in the 1991 coup that overturned the Soviet Union. Don't think Venezuelans weren't thrilled.  These are Venezuela's beleaguered democrats, the ones who have been beaten, jailed, starved, and murdered as their elections were stolen from them in front of their faces.  They were utterly, utterly thrilled, and not just in the streets of New York, but across the continent and deep inside Venezuela itself. Thanks Amb. @nikkihaley. Whether as a diplomat, as a politician, as a freedom loving and caring woman, you have proven to be a firm voice, a constant ally. Millions of Venezuelans, in and out of our beleaguered country, THANK YOU! — Pedro Mario Burelli (@pburelli) September 28,...(Read Full Post)
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