A Disloyal Coward Condemns Trump

According to the NYT, whose credibility is shot, a dishonest, disloyal member of the Trump administration has attacked his boss in an anonymous editorial. This came out just after Bob Woodward released a book basically pitching the same story as the editorial and based entirely on anonymous sources whose claims have already been shot down by the people the anonymous sources talk about.  When, within hours of the book coming out, two of the people who supposedly said things about Trump have gone on record saying Woodward's anonymous sources are wrong, the credibility of Woodward has to be in doubt. Because this editorial is clearly going to help Woodward sell books and give him credibility even though on-the-record sources are denying his anonymous claims, the NYT, which has made it clear that it hates Trump and the people who voted for him, has every reason to make up this supposed source or at least inflate the source's position in the administration. We...(Read Full Post)
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